Ankita Raina - Indian Tennis Player

Ankita Raina

Ankita’s mother is a sports enthusiast and she also played Table Tennis in college. In Ahmedabad, there was a Tennis academy near their house and her elder brother started playing first and that’s how she was introduced to the sport. Ankita started playing tennis at the age of 4, and has been playing the sport for the last 22 years now.

Being able to represent India and winning a medal for the country at the Asian Games is one of her biggest accomplishments. She says, all her best results have come when she is playing for the flag. One of her goals is to represent India in the World Group Play-Off in Fed Cup. Her role models are Serena Williams & Rafael Nadal. Ankita’s most relatable role model is her mother as she has fought many odds to bring her to this stage.

Ankita is a morning person and she likes to start her day with some exercises followed by some hitting session. After a short break she goes to the gym for some strength training/ fitness followed by her second practice session. The evenings are dedicated to recovery. Ankita gives highest importance to fitness as it is a key aspect of the professional circuit. She enjoys her strength training sessions the most.